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Rosemount Tank Gauging

Tankmaster Inventory Management System
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Rosemount TankRadar® is the global standard, to which every competitor benchmarks themselves. Major players on the marine, on-shore and process markets use Rosemount TankRadar® to ensure safe and reliable level control.

With 30 years of proven experience, Rosemount TankRadar® from Emerson Process Management helps customers attain a better bottom line through improved safety, reliability and efficiency. Customers declare their satisfaction with the TankRadar® by continuously voting it to top rank in the Control Readers' Choice Award.

The Rosemount® Tank Gauging System is mainly used for storage tank gauging within tank terminals and refineries, and it consists of a large number of products to be combined to meet your requirements. The level gauges and the other measurement devices, together with the TankMaster software, are integrated in the system to provide the best installed accuracy for product volume. 

 Scope of Supply

  • TankMaster Inventory Management
  • Raptor System
  • TankRadar Rex
  • TankRadar Pro
  • Rosemount Wireless Communication
  • MultiSpot Temperature Sensors
  • Water Interface Measurement
  • Sil-2 / 3 Certified Systems
  • Level Alarm / Ovefill Prevention
  • Field Services
  • Startup / Configuration
  • Training / support


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