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Solares Florida Corporation to stock Piusi Fuel Handling and Dispensing Products

25 January 2014

Solares Florida Corporation has been named as a Piusi stocking distributor for Florida, Central America, and the Caribbean.

PIUSI was established in 1953 as a pump manufacturer. Its aim has always been to offer solutions and not simply a product and this has stimulated research and design in specific fields such as:

  • Fuel transfer and measurement (FUEL)
  • Lubricant Transfer and Measuring (OIL)
  • Pumps, PTO (Power Take Off) and Compressors for Agriculture (Ag)
  • DEF Dispensing and Metering systems

PIUSI uses a certified Quality System for control of its design and production processes, the latest production equip- ment, a well-stocked and efficient warehouse together with an advanced organisational system for managing all the company activities and, in particular, a team of trained qualified persons.

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