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TAnks, Vessels, and accessories


Solares Florida Corporation supplies tanks as well as skid-mounted units for fueling, additive injection, standby power, aviation, and other applications.  

All of our tanks are manufactured in the USA, and meet the application-relevant standards such as UL-142, NFPA 58, ASME, DOT,a nd others.

Propane storage tanks provide fuel for a wide range of industrial, commercial, and agricultural equipment including: fleet vehicle fueling, resturants, transport, forklift, and manufacturing.  At our Miami facility we stock both DOT and ASME pressurized vessels for LPG storage.  our inventory ranges includes:

  • 20, 100, and 420lb LPG Cylinders
  • Forklift Cylinders
  • 250, 500, and 1000 USG Ag/Ug
In addition, we stock Liquitote SS storage vessels as well as the required accessories such as pumps, level/tank gauges, vents, hoses & couplings, and valves.  

Scope of Supply

  • Marine Fueling
  • Diesel Generator Day Tank
  • LPG Cylinders
  • LPG Ag/Ug Vessels
  • AvGas / Jet Storage
  • Commercial / Fleet Fueling
  • Addditve Injection
  • Mercaptan Dosin

Manufacturer's Represented

Hoover LiquitoteQuality SteelWorthington Highland Modern Weld   
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