For over 50 years, Solares has been supporting the regional aviation industry with fueling and related ground support systems and equipment. From the depot to the wing, Solares handles all the key components for safe and reliable fueling operations.

Solares is a Continental Star certified hose facility. All hose assemblies are built to API/EI 1529 and NAHAD standards, including hydrotest, tagging, and tracking. Our facilities and processes are ISO 9001 certified and have been inspected by UL.

Our engineering/fabrication team provides bespoke skid solutions for truck loading and aircraft fueling operations, including terminal automation/management systems.

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Certified Hose Assemblies

Our ISO 9001:2015 certified hose shop supplies aircraft refueling hose assemblies to customer order, complying with all industry standards including API/EI 1529 and JIG. Solares maintains a large inventory of hoses and fittings at our main facility in Miami.

Solares is a certified Continental ContiTech STAR Distributor, and the only STAR assembler in the region. The STAR Network sets the standard in hose assembly services. Each distributor is annually verified by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc., adheres to NAHAD Hose Safety Institute, ARPM, RMA guidelines, ContiTech specifications, and relevant industry standards.

In addition, Solares is the first and so far only Continental CrimpCloud subscriber servicing Florida, the Caribbean, and Central America. The CrimpCloud system streamlines the hydrotest, labeling, and tracking of hose assemblies. Each hose is shipped with a QR code providing a description, hose assembly number and fabrication date.

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Ground Fueling Components

Solares provide the full range of ground fueling equipment from the leading equipment manufacturer’s. Our ground fueling product line includes over/underwing refueling nozzles, single-point adapters, couplers, hydrant pit valves, & quick disconnects. Measurement and control solutions including terminal automation, truck loading / offloading systems, flow metering, tank gauging/inventory control, additive injection, and ground/overfill controls.

We supply fuel quality and testing products such as Shell water detectors kits, microbial contamination detection, laboratory equipment, glassware, and product filtration solutions.

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Measurement and Controls

Measurement and control solutions including flow, level, temperature, conductivity, and density metering. We also provide terminal automations, radar tank gauging, inventory control, and ground/overfill controls. Solares is a systems integrator providing packaged skid-mounted engineered systems for truck loading / unloading, additive injection, pump and fueling solutions, all produced at our ISO 9001:2015 certified fabrication shop.

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