Solares has been serving the propane industry since the early 1960’s, representing the leading manufacturers of LPG bulk plant equipment.


Solares Florida Corporation has been serving the propane industry since the early 1960’s. Solares represent the leading manufacturers of LPG bulk plant equipment. As an Emerson LBP, we provide the complete scope of Emerson Automation Solutions.

Solares maintains a large inventory of LPG components including regulators, valves, pumps, compressors, flow meters, hose, and related accessories. In addition, we stock DOT cylinders and UG/AG ASME tanks.

Proper equipment selection and design is essential for safe and accurate handling of LPG. Solares staff has the experience and training to provide the required equipment for your LPG bulk plant or transport requirements.

From individual product components to complete skid-mounted packages and automation systems, Solares is your solution provider.

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Tanks & Vessels

Our heating and system propane tanks are a safe and reliable containment source for the fuel designed to keep operations running efficiently. Tanks are manufactured in a variety of sizes with DOT and ASME specifications available. We stock 420LBS DOT cylinders as well as ASME AG/UG tanks ranging from 250 to 1,000 WOG.

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LPG/NH3 Valves, Regulators, and Accessories

Throughout the region, Solares represents and stocks the leading LP-Gas equipment manufacturers such as RegO, Fisher, Squibb Taylor, and Marshall Excelsior. Our scope of supply includes buylo storage valves and accessories, Extra heavy steel fittings and pipe, certified LPG hose assemblies, domestic/commercial regulators, and service valves.

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Flow Measurement

Solares provides the industry’s leading flow measurement technologies for superior accuracy, performance, and long-term durability in custody transfer of refined and alternative fuels. Whether positive displacement (PD) meter with either electronic or mechanical register, or a state-of-the-art Coriolis mass meter with Smart Meter Verification – our technical sales team is ready to assist in selecting the correct device for your application.

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