Appleton has long been the hallmark for the protection of people and equipment while delivering reliable power, providing certified protection for any environment, from ordinary commercial settings to harsh industrial conditions. Appleton fittings, lighting, and power distribution solutions are designed to operate without incident: because failure is not an option.
Market leading manufacturer of positive displacement pumps, centrifugal pumps and compressors for the transfer of liquid and gas products.
Brodie International
Brodie International offers a full complement of industry leading high accuracy positive displacement flow meters ranging from a 1/2” Oval Meter to a 16” BiRotor P-Style.
Cla-Val is a leading manufacturer of valves, nozzles, couplers and accessories, playing a vital role in commercial and military aviation fueling applications throughout the world.
Solares is a Continental Star certified hose facility. All hose assemblies are built to API/EI 1529 and NAHAD standards, including hydrotest, tagging, and tracking. Our facilities and processes are ISO 9001 certified and have been inspected by UL.
Emerson Local Business Partner covering Florida, Caribbean and Central America. We support applications for the oil & gas downstream market such as flow and pressure control, tank gauging, terminal automation, and flow measurement.
Emerson tank protection solutions include high performance pressure vacuum relief valves, flame arrestors and vents, providing the widest array of environmental protection and safety equipment for the oil & gas market.
Facet / Filtration Group
Facet manufactures and markets filter housings, filter cartridges, and complete filtration systems for hydrocarbon filtration and separation, and is a leader in global aviation fuel filtration.
Conidia Bioscience develop, manufacture and sell fuel tests into aviation, marine and land diesel sectors. Our suite of tests detects microbiological contamination using a fast, easy to use platform that gives results in minutes. FUELSTAT® resinae is the leading test in the aviation market.
Gorman-Rupp manufactures a full line of pumps specifically designed for pumping clean, non-abrasive petroleum products in critical applications at bulk plants, tank farms, barges, tank cars and fuel trucks.
Hannay Reels
Hannay LP reels have long been the standard in the propane delivery industry. Polished aluminum or painted steel options available with Guidemaster® handle to give operators more control and protect fuel hose.
Liquid Controls
LC has grown to become the leader in the aviation industry for high quality, reliable flowmeter systems and innovations that enhance metering performance, increase safety, and streamline data management.
Micro Motion
Emerson's Micro Motion Coriolis, density and viscosity technologies deliver superior flow measurement expertise while providing customers with the confidence and insight they need to continuously improve safety and efficiency in the most critical process applications.
OPW Engineered Systems has been a global leader in developing loading and coupling systems for the safe and efficient loading and unloading of all types of critical hazardous fluids
Parker’s Gold Label Aircraft Fueling Hose Series 7776 is designed for supply and transfer of aircraft fuels in applications to 180°F and 300 psi. Hose assemblies coupled and tested in accordance to API/IP, BS/EN.
Rosemount Tank Gauging
Precise measurements for inventory and custody transfer applications in bulk liquid storage tanks. System ensures accurate level, temperature, and pressure measurements for inventory control, oil movement and overfill prevention, securing efficient operations.
Since 1936, Scully Signal Company has been a leading innovator in fluid handling systems. Scully systems are used for overfill prevention, grounding, and vehicle identification safety at bottom- and top-loading terminals as well as airports worldwide.
Taylor Valve Technology
Taylor Valve is a leading manufacturer of safety relief, high pressure relief, and back pressure relief valves. Taylor Valve also offers a wide array of choke and control valves, and pilot operated valve products for the oil and gas industry.
Emerson's next-generation software product for management of all terminal operational and commercial activity. TerminalManager provides terminal operators with the capability to manage and optimize loading and unloading operations for truck, rail, and barge.