Remote Automated Systems

Emerson’s Remote Automated Systems division provide flexible solutions to maximize terminal efficiency.

Without proper coordination of resources, information, and assets, terminal operations can become inefficient and unprofitable because they fail to reach their potential or must operate in a reduced capacity. To meet these challenges, Emerson provides a set of flexible and incrementally-deployable solutions that manage, organize and coordinate terminal resources to deliver operational and commercial efficiency.

TerminalManager is Emerson’s next-generation software product for management of all terminal operational and commercial activity. TerminalManager provides terminal operators with the capability to manage and optimize loading and unloading operations for truck, rail, and barge, as well as complete order to cash commercial management to execute contracts and orders, manage inventory, produce invoices, and perform measurement accounting of liquid hydrocarbons.

Featured products include:

    • DL8000 Digital Preset
    • TerminalManager TMS
    • PipelineManager
    • Synthesis
  • Truck Loading Automation